RSS coming to the iPhone

At this point nothing has been confirmed but it looks like RSS may be coming to the iPhone.

Frankly I would be surprised if it did not make its way to the iPhone. While RSS itself excites a small minority, what it enables in terms of information delivery is much more exciting to a much larger majority.

Putting a good RSS reader on the iPhone would allow users to have lots of good information delivered for reading and viewing (hopefully it will support enclosures.)

And the AJAX support on the browser would allow the creating of widgets (or gadgets, or whatever) which deliver information via RSS.

Feedster just launched such a widget maker.

I wish someone would find another name for that technology, RSS is very geeky IMHO, we need that name to receed into the background, users don’t think HTTP, HTML, AJAX, etc… they just want stuff to work for them.


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