You have to admire Apple and ATT for the way in which they are building up the marketing buzz around the new iPhone.

The information is coming out in dribs and drabs but steadily enough to keep everyone talking and speculating about such things as the dock, that mysterious line on the side of the phone, the headphones, the Bluetooth headset, the SDK toolkit (what SDK toolkit!!), the battery life, etc…

Then we have the stores closing at 4pm to allow staff to put up displays for the iPhone, and then reopening at 6pm. They say it is to avoid the crush, but I can only see how this will make the crush just worse, not better. I can picture it now, a sea of pale faces outside each store, staring in with sad puppy eyes waiting, waiting for that clock to strike 6pm… Why ATT could not install the displays the night before and open normally on the 29th is beyond me.

What I am most interested in is the cost of the plans, how much for the talk plan and how much for the data plan, and whether we will need to buy a data plan at all…

I know where I will be on the 29th, and I just hope that the star does not whip out an iPhone.


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