Apple and Google sitting in a tree…

It seems to me that Apple and Google have been getting very cosy of late.

Leaving aside the fact that Google is swallowing up more and more of the internet, and that questions are being raised.

Apple will deliver Google maps on the iPhone, and now we are getting YouTube on AppleTV and the iPhone.

Apple seems to be becoming a conduit for Google apps and content. Aren’t we all I hear you say in the back.

I have nothing against YouTube, lots of people watch it and find it a useful and entertaining tool, but I don’t want YouTube on my AppleTV. In fact I bought AppleTV because I wanted to be able to control my programming, and not have to submit to someone-else’s idea of what I might find interesting to watch (hence why I cancelled my cable TV two years ago and specifically asked not to have the very basic channels restored to me when I switched my phone line to a fully digital system last week).

Apple if you are listening, I would like to be able to switch off the YouTube menu item on my AppleTV. I did not pay $300 to watch it being turned into a conduit for someone else’s idea of content.

Even better, I would like to be able to switch menus on and off arbitrarily, should be simple, it can be done on an iPod and it is pretty much the same interface both on the screen and the buttons.


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