Safari on Windows

I have to agree with Om Malik on this one, I really don’t understand why Apple put out Safari on Windows.

When Apple released iTunes on Windows, there was no entrenched competitor to take on, and extending the iPod market to Windows users made perfect sense. But there are already two well entrenched browsers on Windows, Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Maybe it has to do with the iPhone? Maybe there are going to be Javascript extensions for developing applications for the iPhone, in which case it would make sense to have Safari available on Windows for developers?

It just does not make much sense.


One Response to Safari on Windows

  1. noel says:

    As a web developer, I have to say that supporting Safari just plain sucks.

    They really REALLY need to get their javascript engine in line with the way everyone else is doing it…even IE6 is more easy to debug and support than Safari.

    On the apple safari page, they claim Safari renders faster than all the others in Windows. OK, maybe. I know for a fact that firefox’s js engine is bloated and clunky compared to Opera’s (the linux version of ff’s js engine however is comparable to opera’s on windows). But then again, I don’t consider Safari’s JS engine to be anything but broken, so I suppose it’s easy to outperform the working browsers. As for the HTML rendering, Safari seems very slim with it’s CSS support as well.

    You know what’s a fast browser? Lynx. But for a reason…Ever heard a zealous group of lynx users complain their favorite browser isn’t supported? Maybe I should start something…

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