iTunes says “Bonjour”

Walt Mossberg has some interesting thoughts about iTunes:

But in the past few years, Apple has mounted a sneak attack on the Windows world. Its weapon has been the Windows version of iTunes, the free media organizing, recording and playback program that most people think of as just a companion to Apple’s iPod music and video players. I think of iTunes as the most subversive software on the Windows computer, not because it does users any harm or does anything underhanded, but because it is allowing Apple to subvert, from inside, Microsoft’s dominant platform position.

That hardly looks like a sneak attack to me, more like a well planned and well executed product development strategy. Apple has been steadily making iTunes into powerful media platform with deep roots into consumers. If you want to get wide distribution of music or movies, iTunes has become incontournable.

First iTunes, then iPod, then the iTunes music store, then iTunes on Windows, then podcasts, then TV shows and movies, then AppleTV, and now YouTube.

What is impressive is that Apple is leveraging user generated content to further the development of the platform, by bringing in podcasts and YouTube.

Mossberg goes on to talk about the ease of sharing through the “Bonjour” technology which is part and parcel of every iTunes copy that is out there. The technology is hardly new, automatic service discovery was an integral part of AppleTalk (remember the Chooser.) That being said, it makes the sharing of media on your local network very easy, making AppleTV very easy to set up.


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