Linking iTunes and iPhone

I came across two posts (Endgadget, ArsTechnica) that said that Apple was going to require an iTunes account to “set up” an iPhone. I would like to see confirmation one way or the other from Apple about this, though Endgadget quotes the Wall Street Journal on that which is a pretty reliable source.

This seems more than a little short-sighted to me. You don’t need to have an iTunes account to use iTunes right now, you only need an iTunes account if you want to buy content on the iTunes store. So why you would need an iTunes account to set up an iPhone is beyond me. I think that Apple will probably find that its market is reduced because of it, especially in countries where there is not much content on the iTunes store and users have little incentive to open an iTunes account.

While it makes sense for a iPod user to have a computer, forcing a user to have a computer that runs iTunes and to create an iTunes account just to get an iPhone simply creates a barrier to adoption. Yes I know that the target demographic for the iPhone will more than likely have a computer, there is a different between optional and requirement.


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