iTunes and Airport Extreme annoyances

It is time for a couple of annoyances.

The first one concerns video playback with iTunes. If I move an open video (playing or not) from one screen to another (I have multiple screens attached to my Mac), the video will flicker like crazy if it is playing and I move the cursor onto the video window. Really annoying.

The second one concerns the new Airport Extreme. If I am running a lot of traffic over the wire network (as opposed to the wireless network), such as downloading a linux distro, my laptop is unable to reconnect to the wireless network when it wakes up or when I turn airport back on. When I try to connect manually it tells me that there was an error connecting to the wireless network. Stopping the download restores the wireless network, and sometimes I also need to reboot the Airport Extreme. This did not happen with my previous Airport Extreme base station. Also really annoying.


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