Is RAID dying? Is MySQL the cause?

Kevin Burton wrote what would best be termed a controversial article about MySQL and the death of RAID.

I think he makes some interesting points, but I think he is confusing system architecture and hardware.

You can choose to have a single database server, multiple database servers serving specific databases, have a master-slave setup, or a federated system with each database server storing shards of data (personally I hate the term ‘shard’, I prefer ‘segment’.)

But that has mostly nothing to do with whether you use RAID or not. I say mostly because you can choose to use RAID for a variety of reasons (redundancy, speed, storage size,) or choose not to use it at all. Some system architectures will lend themselves more to one kind of RAID (or not,) but it does not mean that using MySQL will kill off RAID.

RAID is alive and well, I use it in my home set up, and we used it pretty extensively at Feedster too.


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