ZFS on Mac OS X

Jonathan Schwartz, the chief executive at Sun Microsystems (remember them), let it slip at the Sun Worldwide Developer Conference that Apple was going to not only incorporate ZFS (Wikipedia in ZFS) into Mac OS X but that it was going to become *the* Mac OS X filing system.

I have not looked at ZFS in any kind of depth but what I have seen looks very good, and I think it would make sense to for Apple to replace HFS+ in favor of a newer file system. HFS+ is very good, but it is a little long in the tooth.

While I suspect that ZFS will be built into both server and client versions of MacOS X, I expect that it will be rolled out to on the server version first and then the client version later, much like journaling was.


One Response to ZFS on Mac OS X

  1. noel says:

    ZFS does away with partitioning, EVMS, LVM, MD, etc., etc.. The available disks (of any size) are used to the best of their ability.

    ZFS is 128 bit, meaning it is excessively scalable. (e.g. 16 exabyte limit)

    ZING! I want this on linux…

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