YouTube on AppleTV

So we are now going to get YouTube on AppleTV.

This move parallels Apple’s previous move to bring podcasts to iTunes, making life easier for all of us (including me) when it came to managing podcasts which, incidentally, is when technology moves from early adopters to mainstream. It also allows Apple to leverage outside sources of content to make its products more appealing.

It is hard for me to get excited about this, I don’t watch YouTube at all, LonelyGirl15 got about 5 seconds of my attention before I clicked the close button on the window (I must be gettin’ old.)

But I am not oblivious to the fact that lots and lots of people watch YouTube, and I am sure that this will draw more people to AppleTV which, if you believe the rumors, has not been selling all that well.

Personally I would like to see more content on iTunes, where is HBO? where is the BBC? Now that would be something I would get excited about.


6 Responses to YouTube on AppleTV

  1. noel says:

    meh youtube is old news…there are so many other sites out there under the radar…

    Where’s HBO and BBC? Why they’re right here:

    p.s. Oh hey Francois, maybe you don’t want to share that link publically (although I think it’s got a wikipedia page by now)

  2. Interesting site, but is it legal? I think not.

    I have no problem paying for TV shows on iTunes so I can watch them on my computer or my AppleTV, in fact I do that now since I cancelled my cable account over 2 years ago. Cable forced me to get 100+ channels, when in reality I watched maybe four-five programs across two-three channels, and in the end I cancelled my cable when I realized that I stopped watching TV altogether.

    I wish the BBC and HBO woudl wake up to this market.

  3. noel says:

    Well I agree in the sense that they should offer on demand, HDTV quality downloading of shows as soon as if not sooner than they release on cable and for roughly less than the cost of ONE ep of a series on a dvd. If I buy a 13 part series on DVD for $25, then it damn well better cost less than $2 an ep considering there’s no cost of production/distribution (at least the costs are relatively fixed regardless of how much is sold vs tangible items that have increased costs with increased sales).

    As for legality, that site is just a link collector. It’s just pointing to the sites that host this content. There are many now. This is centralized sharing all over again (Napster revisted, only not even p2p). I’m 100% convinced that youtube beat google because they were small and not worth suing. Google vid couldn’t compete with youtube in that market and so youtube won the market share. As soon as google bought youtube, I knew it would get sued, as I’m sure most people predicted too. It’s going to be an interesting fight. But is it fair that youtube got to play dirty and become the darling that it is today? Not if nobody else gets to do it too.

    And I agree with you about cable, I never wanted 100 channels — most of which totally suck. They really should pay you to give you some of those channels. If I could seletively pick the 5-10 channels I want and pay roughly 10% of the price, then I would probably do cable. Factor in the total betrayal that broadcast tv has become (remember the airwaves are public property owned by us), and I feel well justified in my “downloading habits”. Last I checked the movie industry was breaking the bank with record grossing sales. It’s quite apparent that none of this is hurting their business.

    BTW, have you played with Joost yet? I’ll invite you if you want….

    P.S. I have this idea that p2p real time media streaming would be powerful stuff. I mean you should be able to swarm an .flv or .divx file, share the parts you have with others, and watch as you stream as long as you collect all the pieces in order. The ‘in order’ part is the only real difference between torrents and streaming. It should be feasible. What do you think? Next big thing?

  4. I have tried Joost on the Mac and the experience was a little disappointing. There wasn’t that much content available, though I expect that will change, and I also tend to eschew most mainstream content. There was some good independent content there, but the playback was not smooth, presumably because not many peers were hosting that content.

    Joost is very similar to the idea you describe in your post-scriptum and given how broadband is coming along, it could very well be the next big thing. The main downside with such an approach is that content distribution across the peers is directly related to the popularity of that content, so unpopular content will not be as readily available preventing streaming.

  5. noel says:

    oh so you tried joost…yeah my feelings were pretty in line with yours.

    Have you ever used TVUplayer? It predates Joost and comes from China. They had HBO from hong kong for a while, but I think it got cut…

  6. I will check that out, I also see that there is another contender called Babelgum (where do they get those names) but it only works on Windows at this point. There is also the Democray player, and there was a player which tapped into the French TV networks somehow.

    Oops, can’t try TVUplayer as it is Windows only…

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