Thinner notebook enclosures

Just recently an Apple patent came to light (Arc Technica, AppleInsider) detailing how a notebook enclosure could be made thinner while still retaining its rigidity.

The process uses a combination of glue to keep everything together, and conductive paste to make sure that everything is grounded, thus shielding electric emissions.

Some of the laptops I have owned (all Apple) have been remarkably (worryingly) flexible, so it is good to see that they could get thinner and stronger.

But one thing struck me. There are lots of people who are not afraid of taking their laptops apart to replace various internal components, upgrading a disc drive is a popular upgrade and I have done one in the past. Sealing laptops with glue would at the very least make that difficult, and at worst make that impossible. I would think it would also make any kind of servicing by Apple challenging, since case components would likely be damaged when the glue is pried apart. Are we movind towards a disposable laptop?


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