A good friend (you know who you are) turned me on to JSON a month or so ago, and I have taken a look at it.

It seems to be a very simple and powerful alternative to representing information in a format that is more easily digestible than XML (by that I mean consuming fewer resources to consume.) I am going to play around with it in the next few days on a test project I am working on.

JSON reminds me of a similar effort called Summary Object Interchange Format (SOIF) that came out of the Harvest project over 10 years ago. From the Free Online Dictionnary of Computing:

SOIF provides a means of bracketing collections of summary objects, allowing Harvest Brokers to retrieve SOIF content summaries for many objects in a single, efficient compressed stream. Harvest Brokers provide support for querying SOIF data using structured attribute-value queries and many other types of queries.


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