This afternoon I had to do some administration on a MacBook Pro that is located in Ireland and used Copilot from Fog Creek Software. I had to use that rather than the VNC server built into the Apple Remote Desktop functionality because I had to get across an NAT router that was unfamiliar to me and I did not want to mess with port mapping.

The sign up process is very simple, and the way they handle billing makes a lot of sense, it is built around the idea of minutes (just like cell phone plans) and they provide a range of options.

They have also put a lot of thought into the set up at both ends of the connection, especially for the end receiving the help.

And the best thing is that they support both Mac OS X and Windows.


One Response to Copilot

  1. noel says:

    Sounds neat, but you know TightVNC supports connecting out to the client from the server if the machine to connect to is behind NAT. I use this all the time to help family/friends that can’t understand how to port forward. Much easier for me to walk them through TightVNC installation and connection to my house….

    I guess that’s nota mac solution though.

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