Buy Vs. Subscribe

Steve Jobs (Hi Steve!) has come out against a subscription model for music because “People want to own their music.”

I would agree with him, I prefer to buy and own my music, and be able to play it on whatever device I want. And this really fits in with how people have traditionally consumed music, ie going to the store buying LPs or CDs.

But I am not sure that this model can be applied to video, whether we are talking TV shows or Movies. Most people watch TV shows and movies only once, so this lends itself much more to a rental model (like Blockbusters, or Netflix for example,) than an ownership model, which works better for music because people will listen to music over and over again.

I have subscribed to a show season on iTunes, as well as bought some good episodes from past seasons, but I am not inclined to buy much more than that, and I am not inclined to buy movies, but I would be more than happy to rent them. I recently signed up to Netflix and they serve my needs very well.


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