I turned on Google’s search history when they introduced personalized searching, mostly to see how well it worked.

There are a few side benefits. You get to see your search trends, how many searches you run a month, per day (thursday, saturday and sunday are low days) and per hour (none between 1am and 4am), what the top queries were (‘test’ ?? where did that come from), top sites and top clicks.

And you also get what they call “Interesting Items”, and this is where the “Huh!!” comes in. In the “Recent top queries related to your searches”, number 2 and 6 are “red sox” and “redsox” respectively.

I am at a loss to understand that, I have no interest in sports, none, zero, nada, zilch. I don’t even know the rules of baseball.


2 Responses to Huh!!

  1. ever seens the recommendations came out some time ago, mine have always had a lot that looked geographically targed, but something I had no interest in whatsoever

  2. You have a point there, one of the other queries related to my searches is “craigslist boston”, and I do live in the Boston area, and there are four Mac related searches, but two are just really strange, “mitbbs” ??

    Either there are some problems with this features, or there is some query gaming going on (which seems more likely.)

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