A while back I signed up for the Mac beta version of Joost and did not hear back from them until yesterday. I got an email telling me that even though I had not confirmed my registration (huh!), I could download the current beta version of Joost and try it out. So I eagerly downloaded it and installed it, played around with it for about 30 minutes and removed it.

I liked the interface to an extent, browsing channels and shows was easy and intuitive, and there are keyboard shortcuts for most of the functions. What I did not like was all the clutter on the screen, there is just too much stuff on the screen, all these little buttons and sliders need to be more discreet. I also did not like that some shows would autostart, or that some stuff would be playing in the background while I was browsing, that was very distracting and I found myself reaching for the mute button more than once.

Lastly, the content is pretty thin right now, there was not much that I would watch (however the independent movie channel looked good,) however I am not a mainstream viewer, so that means nothing. While the content would start playing relatively quickly, found that I could not watch most things for more than a minute or two without some stuttering which was very frustrating.


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