Using A Mac Mini As An HTPC

Arstechnica has a good article on using a MacMini as an HTPC. It explains video and audio connections, as well as resolutions, encodings, as well as dealing with DVDs and setting up a PVR with it.

The article is very good and I wish it has come out 5 months ago when I got my MacMini and hooked it up to my television, it would have saved me some amount of time figuring all this stuff out.

In the event, I had to repurpose my MacMini and I got an AppleTV instead which is working out better for me since it is actually designed for being hooked up to a TV, while the MacMini was not.

As postscriptum I discovered last night that I can boot all sorts of versions of linux on my MacMini, which is very cool. I was able to check out Ubuntu for the first time.


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