My Office Is A Mess

My office is a mess right now. At the end of last year, my PowerMac G5 blew up and I had to use the Intel MacMini that was hooked up to my TV. I was holding off getting a MacPro until Apple had refreshed the line, hoping that the dual quad-cores were going to be introduced. Well they were but they were way too expensive for me, so I got myself a middle-of-the-road MacPro, which arrived yesterday (three days early, very sweet.)

So I spent time yesterday setting it up, adding memory, a second DVD drive and three disc drives to bring it up to par. All done now and I am glad for it. While I really like the small form factor of the MacMini, it is undeniably cute, it just did not have the horse power I needed for my work. Also I like to have three displays attached to my Mac, the MacMini can’t do that.

My office is no longer a mess.


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