Apple TV Reviews

I just read two Apple TV reviews.

Paul Thurrott has a negative review with an image gallery. The review concludes:

And if you are thinking about an Apple TV, consider this: You can do virtually everything the Apple TV does with the iPod you probably already own, a $39 dock, and a $19 set of cables, albeit at standard definition resolutions. Is the Apple TV really worth the $300? At this point, the answer, for most people, is no.

I think Paul injects a healthy dose of scepticism realism into the arena of reviews, but I think he misses an important point which is the level of integration that Apple TV affords. iTunes is successful because of the level of integration there is between it, iPods and the iTunes music store. I just plain works, which is what most people want.

And Macintouch has a review by Robert Mohns which is slightly more positive.

They did run into a problem that I ran into with the MacBreak Video show from TWiT:

Speaking of HD, Apple TV doesn’t appear to handle true HD content. Although it can output at HD quality, the highest input resolution it accepts appears to be 1000×540 pixels. (We tried creating a 1280×720 video within permitted bit rates, but iTunes refused to transfer it to our Apple TV.) That’s better than the SD quality video available from the iTunes Store, but still not up to the widely broadcast 720p standard.


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