More Apple TV Thoughts

More Apple TV thoughts and then I will shut up about it since it appears that there is wall-to-wall coverage of the device on blogs to the point where nothing new can be said for now.

As I predicted, people have been cracking open their units and replacing the hard drive with something a little beefier. I suspect that Apple will come out with an update sometime in the future and enable the USB port so that we can plug in an external hard drive. I expect that this was not done in version 1 due to the added difficulty of managing storage across two or more drives (and creating the UI for that!)

I failed to mention this in my original post, but I have a regular Sony Trinitron TV, and Apple TV works fine with that using the 480i resolution setting (see Rogue Amoeba for more information). The aspect ration is a little off, but the TV allows me to set the picture aspect to 16:9 which corrects that. The menus are a little fuzzy, but the picture is just fine. The only irritation is that the TV forgets the setting when I switch it off. I am going to replace it anyway with something else soon anyway.

Movies are listed as one long list, this will not scale. At least with TV shows, you can collect all the shows in a single line item, but that still won’t scale if you have lots of shows. Also there does not seem to be a way to turn off the sales links at the top of each category.

It turns out that you have relatively good control of playback and play position with the remote, but you do need to read the documentation for that, page 30 has all the information.


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