I download papers off the Internet, research papers mostly, and have about 200+ stored in a hierarchy of folders on my hard drive. Not the best way to organize them but it seems to work and I have not found a better way or organizing them yet.

What I really is some sort of application which can store them, allow me to organize them, and allow me to search them. Spotlight is not good for that since it indexes everything on the hard drive.

I have tried Yojimbo, but it does not allow me to create hierarchy. I hear that this is intentional, which is fine, but it prevents me from using it. I do use it for other things though and it works really well.

I came across Papers (TUAM, and Infinite Loop), and it looks like it could work, but unfortunately, the application crashes when I launch it.

Pity, because it looks good. Hopefully they will fix it soon.


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