Like most people, I use an aggregator for reading my RSS feeds. Actually it took me a while before I switched from reading website to using an aggregator, mainly because I did not follow that many web sites, (I was gainfully employed so time was an issue.

Now that I am no longer gainfully employed, I have the time to read many more web sites and am now using Vienna as my aggregator. I tried using NetNewsWire, but it wants me to register (first roadblock) and, for some reason, it would not let me register (second and final roadblock.)

I like Vienna, aside from the usual batch of features you come to expect from a aggregator, I can flag articles for later reading and I can open web pages in it (which are reopened when I quit the apps, a really nice touch.) There are two things I don’t like though, the application buttons are at the bottom of the application window, they should be at the top and they should be customizable. The other thing I don’t like is that there seems to be a serious memory leak in there somewhere meaning that I have to restart the application every few days because it just keeps getting slower.

I did try the Google Reader for a while, and it is very nice if a little slow. The one thing the have not implemented is search, and the reason why escapes me. I would like to be able to search across my subscriptions, and create feeds from those searches, just like Google Blogsearch. Why that feature is not in there escapes me.


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