Seattle PI On Microsoft

The Seattle PI has an article on Microsoft and search.

And among potential acquisition targets, Yahoo is the most frequent subject of the speculation. The company has denied any intentions along those lines, but that hasn’t stopped people from theorizing about the possibilities.

I think an acquisition would be a mistake as it would only compound the problem as I see it which is that search needs to be broken out of Microsoft to flourish. Making an aquisition would be a distraction and if badly carried out, would be a net loss for both companies.

Among other alternatives, the UBS analysts said Microsoft could pursue more strategic alliances and partnerships with large Web sites, to get them to use its online search and advertising technologies.

Partnerships would be a good idea, but still too little in my opinion, something radical is needed.

As an alternative, the company could “try to change the nature of search to terrain that is more favorable to Microsoft,” Linden wrote. “The best opportunity I see here is rejecting the idea that information search should take place in a Web browser, instead pushing search to the desktop and into applications.”

This is more like it, you need to shift your focus. I thought about this when I wrote my previous post on the subject, but I felt that it was not radical enough. But I can see a situation where Microsoft shifts the focus from web search to desktop search, and reaching out to web search when the user wants it.


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