Where, When, What…

Bob Cringely follows up on Steve Jobs’ thoughts on DRM, and on his series on bandwidth.

But this is what caught my attention:

The future lies in watching precisely the video you want to watch precisely when YOU (rather than some programming executive) want to watch it.

I would add “where YOU want”, but it would be foolish to underestimate the importance of this.

We consumers have become increasingly used to fungible content, which we can move from device to device (audio files on MP3 players), which we can watch when we want (video on VCRs and Tivo), and we get to pick and choose what we want (iTunes music store, and a raft of others).

I think people are becoming increasingly comfortable with forgoing network TV and cable TV, and purchasing content online which can be moved from device to device.

Speaking for myself, I cancelled my cable subscription 12 months ago when I realized that I had not watched cable TV in 12 months, and I have not missed it. Also I spend virtually no time watching anything on television, most of my watching is done on my laptop which I can pick up and take where I want (to the next room, in the airport, on the plane). I think that this is where the future of television and video watching lies.


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