Google Trends

By way of Search Engine Land, I came across this study on the usage of Google’s various properties.

Video and blog search are the hot items of the day, apparently…


Hard Drive Failures

I finally read the Google paper on hard drive failures.

The broad conclusions seem to go against conventional wisdom, notably that the age of a drive or its operating temperature do not impact the failure rate.

Workload has a impact on young and old drives, causing them to fail more often, which makes sense since you are isolating the defects on young drives, and incurring wear and tear on old drives.

SMART monitoring will save your tush only 56% of the time, so 44% of the time the drive will fail silently, there one minute and gone the next…

Interestingly failure is correlated to drive manufacturer and model. I wonder which…

Apple TV Delayed

I just got notified that my Apple TV order has been delayed until mid-march.

Final Thoughts on Airport Extreme

Here are some final thoughts on Airport Extreme (other thoughts are in part I, part II and part III).

First I think Apple could have sprung for 1000BaseT ethernet ports as opposed to 100BaseT ethernet ports. I can understand the rationale that people would not see any benefits if they are only accessing the internet or printing to a network printer, but any substantial computer to computer file transfers suffer, which put a dent on attaching a home based file server to the Airport.

Second, using Firewire as opposed to USB to attach a disc drive to the unit would have significantly improved the usability of the unit as a file server for multiple computers. While the throughput may be acceptable, I don’t get the impression that it will handle multiple machines streaming complex video.

Don’t get my wrong, it think it is a very good unit, and it has really helped with Wifi coverage in my home, but I wonder what the economics are of having 1000BaseT and Firewire included in the unit. My hunch is that it would have brought the unit close to the $200 mark, but I think that would have been worth it with those additions.

On the other hand, it does give Apple a place to go for the next version of the Airport Extreme…

Google Conference on Scalability

Google is organizing a conference on scalability in Seattle on June 23rd.

You can submit ideas for presentations until April 20th, but the general registration is not yet open.

I think will attend, I have not been to Seattle for a while, so it will be nice to visit.

What’s Next…

I left Feedster almost four weeks ago and some people have asked directly and indirectly what’s next.

Right now I am taking a little bit of time off, but I am talking to various VCs and entrepreneurs to see what’s next, and am open to any and all conversations.

I am spending time looking at various search markets and applications to see what is getting attention and what should be getting attention.

I am spending time testing out various ideas around search software with regards to scaling, redundancy and distributed search.

I am also open to consulting if it came along, which is what I did for 10 years to founding Feedster.

Audio Cubes

I have not seen these in person, but I seen them on the web from time to time, Bert Schiettecatte (no relation, amazing give our last names, Schiettecattes are pretty common in Flanders, Belgium) has been demonstrating his audio cubes from time to time and I think they look pretty cool.

You can read people’s impressions of these audio cubes here and here, there is also a Windows Media movie, and you can get more information on Bert Schiettecatte’s home page.

I think Bert is back in Belgium now, I corresponded with him a couple of years ago, but have not talked to him since.