Lessons Learned – It Will Break

When you are heads down in code, building up your new, all singing, all dancing site, it is easy for forget that hardware is not your best friend, especially when you are at the very start of a new venture and you are strapped for capital (so don’t have lots of hardware sitting around for backups.)

Hardware will break, especially disk drives. I know manufacturers list great MTTFs, but if you have an application which pushes your disk drives, like a dbms, or crawlers, or text processing, then that disk will eventually break. In the first year of Feedster, we broke half our disk drives. Granted we were leasing our hardware and it was not the best hardware, but you get the point.

The only answers here are backups and redundancy. I know both are tedious and consume time, but it will be a worthwhile investment when that critical piece of hardware breaks.


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