Waiting on Macworld

I am waiting on Macworld to see what new products Apple is going to be releasing. Right now I am not so much interested in an iPhone, I already have a phone and two iPods (one)(two).

What I am really waiting to see is whether the MacPro will be refreshed. I believe it is the only product in the Apple lineup which has not had a refresh at this point, and looking back at its release cycle (every six months), it is due for a refresh in January.

The reason I am waiting for the new MacPro is that my trusty PowerMac died a horrible death earlier this month. I came back from dinner to find that it had crashed and the fans were pedal-to-the-metal. Long story short, I was able to get my data off the machine and it looks like the logic board is bad, every attempt to boot (with a number of DVDs) results in a crash after about 2-3 minutes of operation. This machine is two years old now so really needs to be replaced.

In the meantime I am using my Mac mini which I bought a few months back to hook up to my TV and stereo system. While it is a great machine, it just does not have the power I want.


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