Windows Vista Review

I don’t have Windows Vista, in fact I don’t even run any version of Windows here, but I have really enjoyed reading the Windows Vista Review that Paul Thurrott has just completed.


Waiting on Macworld

I am waiting on Macworld to see what new products Apple is going to be releasing. Right now I am not so much interested in an iPhone, I already have a phone and two iPods (one)(two).

What I am really waiting to see is whether the MacPro will be refreshed. I believe it is the only product in the Apple lineup which has not had a refresh at this point, and looking back at its release cycle (every six months), it is due for a refresh in January.

The reason I am waiting for the new MacPro is that my trusty PowerMac died a horrible death earlier this month. I came back from dinner to find that it had crashed and the fans were pedal-to-the-metal. Long story short, I was able to get my data off the machine and it looks like the logic board is bad, every attempt to boot (with a number of DVDs) results in a crash after about 2-3 minutes of operation. This machine is two years old now so really needs to be replaced.

In the meantime I am using my Mac mini which I bought a few months back to hook up to my TV and stereo system. While it is a great machine, it just does not have the power I want.

64 Bit Computing

I came across this very good post by Scott Byer by way of AppleInsider about the merits of 64 bit computing versus 32 bit computing. He pretty much hits the nail on the head, 64 bit computing gives you more addressable memory, that’s all, everything else is the same.

That being said, having more addressable memory is very nice when you have to process very large amounts of data.

Series on Lessons Learned

I have now been working on Feedster for close to four years, the anniversary coming up in March of ’07. I think it is high time to look back and see what lessons were learned along the way. So I will run a little series of my observations on what it takes to found a company, what to watch out for and what to focus on. I will be posting this series over the next few weeks interspersed with other posts. I hope you enjoy this series, I have certainly enjoyed the ride.

A new year, a new blog…

I stopped blogging just over two years ago, work was eating into all the time I had so I dropped it, but this new year brings new resolutions, one of which is to blog again, and another one of which is to try to blog once a day. Typically I will cover work related stuff but I will also cover other things which are near and dear to my heart, such as software development, testing, scaling, database management, etc…